CLO trading

Octaura is set to modernize and improve existing CLO trading protocols. Recognizing the importance of the asset class and its current market challenges, Octaura’s complete market solution combines electronic execution, advanced data and analytics, and a full suite of connectivity for sell-side and buy-side customers.

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Execute confidently with increased price transparency and gain substantial liquidity and time savings with electronic CLO Dealer Axes, RFQ and BWIC.


Replace manual trade bookings and cumbersome data collection with Straight-Through Processing (STP) and a full suite of API capabilities.

Data & Analytics

Advanced price/yield capabilities, deal analysis, manager analysis, access to CLO indentures and much more.

For Buy-Side Traders

Benefits to traders include liquidity, connectivity and advanced analytics to assist with due diligence and the determination of appropriate levels for the CLO tranche.

  • Liquidity – Choose from multiple protocols (Dealer Liquidity, RFQ, BWICs) to engage dealers
  • Connectivity – Full or partial OMS integration of choice depending on individual need
  • Data & Analytics – Make smarter decisions with advanced price yield tables, portfolio analytics, manager analytics and historical information
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For Sell-Side Traders

Work smarter with Octaura and be more effective when focusing on the high margin parts of the business.

  • Efficiency – Straight-Through Processing (STP) for trade booking, allocation and ticketing
  • Connectivity – Upload liquidity, receive BWICs, execute trades electronically using a full suite of API connectivity
  • Data & Analytics – Insights from execution analytics for individual traders, their buy-side customers and trading desks
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For Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers can benefit from advanced CLO portfolio analytics further enhanced by data from Octaura’s Loan trading platform. Gain market insights to enable portfolio trades– shifting focus from execution to credit analysis.

  • Analytics – Current and historical CLO tranche and deal performance including market liquidity and relative value analysis
  • Transparency – Market color, price and volume transparency insights
  • Portfolio trading – Execute portfolio trading with the Octaura protocol of choice
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Our platform

CLO Trading

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Streamlined Workflows

CLO BWICs, Dealer liquidity and RFQs simplify existing trading protocols and reduce time and effort required to increase chances of a trade.

Data and Analytics

Execute all in one place with access to CLO reports and indentures, price-yield tables and pool-level views.

Full Suite of Connectivity

Straight-Through Processing (STP), API connectivity and integration with OMS providers and internal systems.

CLO Trading

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