Our story

It’s time to evolve markets

Octaura began as a joint incubation and co-development initiative between Bank of America and Citi, to address the challenges and limitations within the syndicated loan market. It all started with a clear vision to improve accessibility and instill greater confidence for every market participant.

It’s time for Octaura

We believe that the leveraged loan and structured credit markets have been hampered by time-consuming and manual trading for long enough. Octaura is dedicated to simplifying the trade lifecycle, enabling investors and dealers to execute their trading strategies efficiently and effectively.

Clients are at the heart of what we do

Electronic trading has never been more integral to helping investors and dealers execute their trading strategies. Octaura unleashes value by simplifying execution of the complete trade lifecycle for all in the syndicated loan market.

Our leadership team

Brian Bejile

Chief Executive Officer

Luis Carballo

Chief Technology Officer

Jason Cohen

Chief Operating Officer/
Chief Financial Officer

Vitaliy Kozak

Chief Product Officer

Kimeia Vu

Chief People Officer

Howard Cohen

Howard Cohen

VP & Head of Sales

Anthony Foster

Anthony Foster

VP of Product Design

Keely Goody

Keely Goody

VP of Marketing

Joseph Lodato

Joseph Lodato

VP & Head of Compliance

Bhargav Mehta

Bhargav Mehta

VP of Software Engineering

Anthony Petrancosta

Anthony Petrancosta

VP & Head of Product Management

Our investors

Transform markets with us

Octaura is leading the evolution of the syndicated loan and CLO markets by combining an exciting new electronic platform with unique human expertise. It’s time to join a workplace where inventive ideas can make an immediate impact. 


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